Andrew Frame: Founder Of Citizen App

Andrew Frame is an entrepreneur who co-founded the Citizen, where he serves as the chief executive officer. He is globally recognized as an entrepreneur, highly acknowledged and respected. Citizen is an application designed to provide safety and well-integrated with the 911 intelligence. The Businessweek in 2007 acknowledged as a leading entrepreneur who is very innovative. Frame’s area of residence and where he was born and upbrought is Las Vegas, Nevada. At 15, he was done with his schooling and co-founded a tech firm that dealt with internet service providers. The firm started as a startup, and years later, it dominated Las Vegas becoming the largest.

Andrew Frame began by venturing with network infrastructure at the beginning of the career. He has served with various firms, including Cisco Systems, as a support engineer. He has also dealt with routine engineering at the Global Center of Expertise (GCOE). He went to CISCO, earning a top technical certification, the CCIE Certification. He earned the certificate at a very tender age.

Frame also got employed by Procket Network company as a system test engineer where he worked till 2004. He then decided to venture into entrepreneurship, co-founding the Ooma firm with its headquarter in Palo Alto, CA. The Ooma firm began its operations officially in 200 with other teams of expert entrepreneurs, among them Sean Parker, Keith Krach, and Mike Ramsey. The firm also received financial support from other firms, including Worldview Partners and Draper Fisher Jurvetson, helping increase its operations and rise to international ranks.

Based on reports from Andrew Frame, any entrepreneur needs to stay focused and committed to achieving their goals. He explains commitment, focus, and determination as key factors for success. Also, Andrew Frame explains that it’s always essential to work closely with other people and those within your firms to bring ideas to life. Andrew advises young entrepreneurs to remain focused at all times. Refer to this article to learn more.


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