The Exploits of Vijay Eswaran

Born on October 7th 1960, Vijay Eswaran has made a name for himself in the entrepreneurship scene for his numerous exploits. After a tough early life, Vijay furthered his education in several countries, including the UK and the US, and acquired critical life lessons that would shape his career. The Malaysian entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and speaker is the founder of […]

Citizen App Is Revolutionizing Safety In The Digital Age

Citizen is not a government-operated safety app but a private company that functions solely to gather real-time information about dangerous events in areas it monitors. Citizen does not create crime reports. It only provides information on potential crime. Your location is used only to display an alert if something happens in your area that is considered “dangerous”. Citizen does not […]

SoftBank is Considering Selling Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group is a company based in New York and was founded in 1998. The company specializes in private equity investing and fixed-income investments. The Fortress Investment Group is a company that has a lot of experience in the investment world. SoftBank, which is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Japan has announced that they are considering […]

Fortress Investment Group Merges Vannin Capital Into Legal Assets Team

Fortress Investment Group, based in New York City, on October 5, 2001, announced the integration of Vannin Capital into Fortress Legal Assets. Fortress has owned Vannin since 2019, but this action moves the two entities closer. The report was posted on Businesswire. It strengthens the litigation finance market of both companies. Several employees of Vannin will transfer to work for […]

Why Edgard Corona is Using Market Expansion to Expand into the Latin Market

In business, market expansion is an important strategy that involves expanding the products and services that an organization has been using in the market over the years. There is no company in the industry today that does not understand the issue of market expansion. All those who are involved in industrial leadership have been working on such strategies because they […]

How John Ritenour has been a key Pillar in the Growth of the Insurance Industry

John Ritenour is a successful businessman with over thirty years of experience within the insurance industry. He was born and bred in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. His childhood experience while growing near the outskirts of Pittsburgh motivated him to work extra hard to be the man he is today. John Ritenour joined local schools in Florida, and while pursuing his secondary school […]

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is Encouraging Customers to Give Feedback to the Quality of Services at Hawkers

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has been a huge advocate of encouraging the buyers who have been buying from Hawkers to provide feedback about the various things that this organization has been doing. This means that Lopez intends to create a huge database of the information that he has been getting from the customers in the market. Obviously, the information that […]

Success Tips Behind the Growth of Hawkers Co by Alejandro Betancourt

Hawkers Co is a fashion eyewear industry that manufactures and retails sunglasses. The company has continued to be enjoyed globally as one of the best eyewear industries in providing trendy, fancy, and affordable glasses. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has dramatically influenced the company’s success. He has moved the company from a $300 investment to a multimillion-dollar venture with over a million […]