Citizen App Is Revolutionizing Safety In The Digital Age

Citizen is not a government-operated safety app but a private company that functions solely to gather real-time information about dangerous events in areas it monitors. Citizen does not create crime reports. It only provides information on potential crime. Your location is used only to display an alert if something happens in your area that is considered “dangerous”. Citizen does not guarantee you won’t become the target of a crime.

Emergency alerts and “AMBER Alerts” have a place in the world. However, in the mass majority of cases, these alerts are not information people actually need, nor are they timely enough. Many notifications can be missed or missed entirely if people don’t receive them. For this reason, companies like Citizen have created software that can alert you when emergency alerts and AMBER Alerts happen, and at the most crucial moments to you personally. Citizen is not just about alerting the public.

Citizen App utilizes satellite feeds from public safety sensors, cameras, and services. Citizen monitors street corners, hotels, and churches, and records when they are contacted by people or cameras. A feature called ‘Vigilant’ detects both criminal and civil events that require citizen involvement. ‘Vigilant’ informs the user of the location of an emergency and allows them to respond immediately. For a faster response, users can use Citizen’s global map of events, or if they have a 911 pin-number, it will allow them to request emergency responders.

Citizen App is unique in that it gives each user a list of the events occurring within a 5km radius of their current location. Citizen gives users the option to either send out automated alerts for “crime events, alerts, and general information,” or upload videos and photos to be automatically published on the app’s feed. Each alert is automatically posted to the feed, and shown to every person within its radius.

This way, everyone near a suspicious incident can get an up-to-date account of what’s going on, without having to personally worry about being victimized. You can also add photos, videos, and comments to the news feed. Citizen’s live map allows users to mark which crimes and emergencies have been reported in their area. Citizen app then uses location-based technology to notify you if an incident or crime occurs nearby.Follow this page on Twitter, for more information.


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