Du Shuanghua Exemplary Performance in the Steel Sector

Rizhao Steel Holding Group is presided over by Du Shaunghua, its chairman. In China, it is one of its leading private steel producers. Du is a generous philanthropist who has contributed to organizations that support children and young people. Because of his leadership, the company is now ranked 10th in the country and 2nd in Shandong Province. As a result, the firm owns and runs several textile enterprises in China, with a combined annual production capacity of more than 50 million tons.

Du Shaunghua founded his first steel factory in 1991. Only ten people were working in the small workshop at the time. Since then, he’s played a vital role in the growth of the business to its current state. The Rizhao Steel Holding Group will continue to thrive under his leadership and steel domain expertise in the years to come.

An attempted power grab of Du in 2009 resulted in a company ownership crisis. But thanks to his employees and other shareholders, Du was able to retain full ownership of the business. Due to a 2010 merger, Rizhao Steel Holdings is now China’s largest steel company, having merged with Shandong Iron and Steel.

Shandong Province’s Rizhao City is home to the Rizhao Steel Holding Group. The firm has five factories in China and numerous retail stores, and representative corporate headquarters to serve its customers. Due to its substantial production capacity, the company can meet the needs for solid steel products.

Rizhao Steel, the world’s 26th-largest steelmaker, produced 14 million tonnes of liquid steel in 2019. As Du Shaunghua sees it, Rizhao Steel Holding Group can become a major steel producer in China. With his guidance, the company is likely to achieve even higher success rates in the years to come. Read more information about Du Shuanghua and his company