Edgard Corona Determined to Bring SmartFit Back to Its Former Glory

Edgard Corona is the brain behind all of the SmartFit gyms in Brazil and Latin America Bio Ritmo is the corporate identity for hundreds of SmartFit sports gyms, and Edgard Corona is the director. In fact, Corona is a top directive in the sports management industry. He is well-liked and admired for his expertise in the field and the creative way in which he solves problems.

In The Beginning

Edgard Corona began his career in manufacturing. He later became involved in Brazilian politics, but soon found that neither of these areas was his niche. His true love was in sports and sports medicine, which is why he developed the BioRitmoproducts to share with consumers and help people get fit and feel happy again.

Bio Ritmo Now

Corona continues to head the company and works at expanding the SmartFit network throughout Latin America to help people get fit, feel healthy and stay on track with their fitness goals.


In the last year and a half, Edgard Corona has put all of his efforts into succeeding despite the Corona Virus health crisis. His most difficult challenge was staying afloat during the pandemic. Like many other gyms, all of his facilities were hit very hard and the closing of the gyms for months had a negative financial effect on his business.

It was a very difficult time because SmartFit served millions of customers across the continent.

Luckily, Edgard Corona has been able to reinvent his business and he puts a priority on sanitation and making consumers feel at home and safe in the SmartFit gyms. He is still struggling to bring customers back, but slowly the business is growing again. Refer to this page for additional information.