How John Ritenour has been a key Pillar in the Growth of the Insurance Industry

John Ritenour is a successful businessman with over thirty years of experience within the insurance industry. He was born and bred in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. His childhood experience while growing near the outskirts of Pittsburgh motivated him to work extra hard to be the man he is today. John Ritenour joined local schools in Florida, and while pursuing his secondary school education, he met the love of his life, Villa. Together, they shared a common dream of bringing the desired changes within the insurance sector.

After garnering his academic qualifications, John Ritenour joined the workforce to get the desired experience. He started serving as a casual laborer in a local steel mill company. His passion for being the best in what he does led him to be reprimanded by the company. Determined to succeed and grow a career as a businessman, John Ritenour joined the insurance industry, where he started serving as an insurance agent. His role as an insurance agent enabled him to amass vital skills and get first-hand experience in the insurance industry.

1n 1970, and while still serving as an insurance agent, John Ritenour partnered with his wife to co-found the Insurance Office of Florida (an insurance agency firm, which currently trades as Insurance Office of America). The decision to start an independent insurance agency enabled Ritenour to quench his thirst for joining the entrepreneurship industry. His company has promoted him to grow as a business leader and play a vital role in developing the insurance industry.

Over the last three decades, John Ritenour has achieved great success as an entrepreneur and business leader. His role at the helm of IOA has enabled him to change critical aspects within the insurance sector. One of John’s most prominent roles within the insurance industry is promoting fair compensation to hardworking insurance agents.

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