NYC Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Recommends Using EPS and other Perfomance-based Incentives to Grow Companies

What are some of the ways companies can motivate their employees to work even harder and smarter to grow the company and increase sales? While a good environment, business trips and snacks sometimes work, what people want at the end of the day is more money in their pockets. According to NYC Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein, companies can use Earnings per Share [EPS] as an incentive for employees.


Most people understand what EPS means to shareholders because the higher the earnings, the better it is for them so they invest more instead of selling their shares. However, most people don’t know that EPS can also be paid back to employees who have worked hard to increase the share values of that company. Companies that have tried this method have witnessed tremendous success as employees know they will benefit directly from the growth of the company.


Unfortunately, this theory has its fair share of opponents who claim that EPS is not a sustainable way to provide incentives to employees or guarantee a company’s growth. Earnings per Share are subject to change every now and then meaning you have to keep adjusting the metrics especially if the value starts going down. These critics also have a problem with any performance based pay program as it falls under the discretion of the CEO and the management to decide who is worth and who is not.

NYC Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein recommends a compromise between the two schools of thought so companies can find a way to hold executives responsible instead of doing away with performance based incentives.


About NYC Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy is a well-renown lawyer in NYC especially after his Departure from WLRK to start his own boutique firm. The founder and partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, mainly focuses on advising CEOS and executives on matters concerning corporate governance and executive compensation especially when mergers and acquisitions are concerned. He has taken part in huge corporate transactions such as purchase of South African Breweries by Miller BREWING, acquisition of AT&T Corp by SBC and the merger of J.P Morgan Chase & Co with Bank One Corporation.


Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein has amazing credentials like JD from NYU where he is also a contributor in the advisory Board, Masters of Arts from University of Chicago and BSc from Cornell University. He is highly evaluated and has received top designations such Top Compensation Attorney in the Legal 500 and Chambers and he is very involved in charity work.


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