The Motivation behind the Radical Move by Mike Baur to Quit Banking

In 2013, Mike Baur pulled a surprise career move when he ditched his six-figure banking job at a leading Swiss Banker to venture into the startup world. The stringent rules enacted in the global banking sector in the wake of the banking crisis witnessed in the US in 2008, had effectively taken away all the joy out of the banking realm as far as Mike Baur was concerned. One year later he’d left the banking world and teamed up with two other tech-investors to start the Swiss Startup Factory. His partners being, Oliver Walzer and Max Leister.


Mike’s Early Days


The visionary capitalist grew up in a tiny town in rural Switzerland called Freiburg. Being Swiss, banking was always going to be the ultimate aspiration for the young Mike. True to that, Baur was already working as a banker in his teens. The banker is an alumnus of the Universities of Rochester and Bern. He was fortunate to land a lucrative apprentice position at one of the nation’s leading financial institutions, Union Bank of Switzerland before he was even twenty years old. Later, owing to his outstanding business analytical mind, Baur landed loftier jobs at prestigious banking firms like UBS and Clariden Leu.


Why Swiss Factory?


Mike knew all too well the daunting obstacles young tech startup innovators face when building their ideas and concepts. Top among these challenges was, the capital required to kick-start the app’s development cycle. Mike solved the finance issues, and many other pressing concerns for the aspiring tech entrepreneurs by setting up a modern indoor facility inside one of Switzerland’s thriving metropolises.


Services Provided


Everyone was welcomed at the Swiss Startup Factory premises to use the free office space and Internet. It was also a fantastic space to mingle with like-minded tech impresarios. Most importantly, however, Swiss Startup Factory was a special place where young minds came to be molded and shaped in preparation for taking on the day-to-day challenges they are poised to encounter as they nurture and grow their startups. The institute houses a dozen or more globally acclaimed entrepreneurs who act as mentors and financiers to the students at Swiss Startup Factory.


Tech Startup Contest


In 2014, Mike Baur officiated a tech startup’s competition, START Summiteer, held at the Swiss University. START Summiteer is an annual contest that invites incubator firms to come pitch their models, plans, and ideas. The competition only accepts startup incubator firms valued over one million dollars. The winning startup accelerator firm, however, gets to walk away with many perks and bucks, including funding. Baur’s previously served in high-profile positions at startup mentoring firms like CTI Invest and SSUF.


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The Triumphs Of David McDonald At OSI Group

Right after finishing his college education David McDonald joined OSI Industries as a junior staff not knowing that he would one day rise to the top and later steer the company to great success. His hard work enabled him to advance through the ranks to become its CEO quickly.

Having been born in the State of Iowa, David McDonald was raised in a big farm and attended school in the same State and would later go on to join Iowa State University. He finally graduated from the University with a degree in Animal Health before proceeding to join OSI Industries.

When he eventually became its President McDonald embarked at expanding the business through the acquisition of other companies so as to quickly penetrate new markets. He got himself involved in all the major decisions making the process that included strategizing on how to improve the company’s ability to move into new territories. Through this, David McDonald OSI Group was able to bring about an efficient communication system that enhanced the coordination of new business operations in other places with their central processing plants. This helped the company to be able to meet the demands of the both the local customers as well as those overseas in the new market that OSI Industries had expanded too.

The expansion of OSI industries to other countries has been credited to David McDonald visionary ambition. Through his leadership, he was able to steer OSI industries from just a small local company to an international company with many outlets in different parts of the world..

Under his reign, the OSI group was able to acquire Baho Food I the August of 2016 enabling the company to venture vastly into Europe establish its dominance. From this acquisition, OSI team was able to take over an additional five subsidiaries enabling to expand its processing into both Germany and Netherlands.

After the acquisition, President David McDonald went on to state that the purchase would allow OSI industries to broaden its abilities and capabilities and enable them to meet best and serve the ever evolving requirements of their customers. From all these successes that OSI Group has enjoyed through the time, it still yearns for more growth and success shortly.


Jason Halpern’s JMH Development

JMH is a reputable company in the real estate sector. This company is credited with the development of many major commercial properties in the U.S. The company also has its foot print in the development of residential properties in America. In Manhattan, Miami Beach and Brooklyn, JMH pioneers in developing classy and distinct architectural structures.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

The human resource team at JMH conducts its due diligence from the very beginning to the time the construction is finalized. Whether it is construction in residential, commercial or mixed use properties, JMH is keen to deliver quality and enduring structures. As far as historic preservation of structures goes, the philosophy of the company is to enable the reuse of such structures through restoration.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Jason, born in 1st January 1975, took over the management of the family business in 2010. He is also the director of Parametric Dining LLC, whose headquarters are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today, the company has $500 million invested in New York state projects. Additionally, there is a property on 184 Kent that the company is turning from a warehouse to a 340 luxurious apartment complex.

Aloft South Beach

Working Team

Aloft South Beach is a project that was developed by Madden Real Estate in partnership with JMH. This project is a reuse of a historic structure: Motel Ankara. Apart from the reuse of the motel, there is a new story building adjacent to the restructured motel. This was the first new hotel, since 2009, to be opened in South Beach. In comparison to its competitors, this hotel is roomy and quite spacious. The construction work was assigned to Plaza Construction with ADD Inc. as the architect for the project.

Jason is Also Active in Modeling Industry

When talking to the media, Jason said that topping off of buildings was a milestone for the company and that it signaled the start of a new phase even as the company moves towards the finalizing the project. From the Aloft, Lake Pancoastis accessible along with the Collins canal. The location of the aloft will be such that the Miami beach is minutes away along with other recreation facilities such as art galleries, museums and many night clubs, boutiques, diners and restaurants.

At the aloft, there is a pool, a roof deck, a 24- hour fitness center and a meeting space to accommodate many people. The meeting space is such that it can accommodate both business and leisure gatherings. There is live and free access to upcoming artists and musicians. Bands also play at the Aloft.


Jason is passionate about philanthropy, which is why in 2015 he launched a partnership with Global water nonprofit charity. This partnership saw the JMH make many donations to help connect people in Ethiopia and Nepal with fresh drinking water. In this endeavor, the company also works with the relief Society of Tigray as well as with Slash.

Anthony Petrello: Math Wiz To Executive And Philanthropist

Anthony Petrello is one of the most highly paid executives in the United States, and his oil and natural gas drilling firm Nabors Industries Ltd is the leader in the industry. However, Petrello’s origins are much more humble.

Petrello was born to a working class Italian family that resided in Newark, New Jersey. At the age of 18, Petrello attended Yale University and was considered a math genius to his friends and professors, one of which being the famous mathematician Serge Lang. Petrello decided not to go the academic route however and attended Harvard Law School after graduating where he earned his JD.

Anthony Petrello is now the CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries Ltd., which provides drilling contract services all over the world. The firm operates on-shore and off-shore drilling and well servicing through out the Americas, Middle East, Far East and Africa.

Petrello is not only renowned for his business success but for his philanthropy as well. In 2007, Petrello committed $7 million in 2007 to the Texas Children’s Hospital and today is a member of the Board of Trustees. Petrello became interested in his philanthropy work after his daughter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and realized how little research was being done for children’s neurological disorders, of which Texas Children’s Hospital leads much of the research happening in the field.

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