Madison Street Capital Earning Its Reputation through Helping Other Business Succeed

The quickest way to achieve success in any industry is to first help other people or businesses succeed. However, many people tend to believe that in today’s competitive business environment, the only way to stand out is to focus on becoming ‘number one’. This is not the case. The truth is, when you focus on helping others succeed, your final payoff will be greater than your initial investment.


Madison Street Capital (MSC) is one of the companies that has grown its profile and earned top-notch reputation by helping other businesses succeed. The Chicago-based company has provided a wide range of valuable services to a number of well-established companies:


Vital Care IndustriesDCG Software ValueARES Security CorporationWLR Automotive GroupMaintenance Systems Management (MSM)American Red Cross and United WayAbout the Company

  • Vital Care Industries: In early 2014, Madison helped this medical products supplier choose a reliable lender and obtain a commercial loan.
  • DCG Software Value: In early 2017, Madison played a significant role in providing valuable merger transaction advices to DCG Software during their merger with the prestigious Spitfire Group.
  • ARES Security Corporation: Madison was also the sole advisor for ARES security Corporation in their 2017 investment transaction that involved subordinated debt and minority recapitalization. ARES experts banked on Madison Street Capital reputation to complete the sophisticated transaction.
  • WLR Automotive Group: In March 2017, MSC also worked closely with WLR Automotive Group on a $13 million sale-leaseback deal. The deal also involved Texas-based SFC Reality Capital.
  • Maintenance Systems Management (MSM): Madison has also played a vital role in arranging financing for MSM, a San Francisco company that been providing cleaning and upkeep services to property owners for over two decades.
  • American Red Cross and United Way: Madison is also reputed for its philanthropic efforts. It regularly contributes to non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross and the United Way among others.



Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that acts as an advisory unit to the financial services industry. The firm has managed to gather an international audience by promoting the ethics of integrity and professionalism in all matters investment. The investment experts at Madison Street Capital are experienced in company mergers and acquisition, buy outs, reorganization and restructuring, private placements and bankruptcy.


Established in 2005, Madison Street Capital has managed to grow an investment portfolio worth 1 million to 100million dollars. They have invested in various industries, namely Technology, Oil and Energy, Telecom, Media, Consumer retail, Consumer Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals. Some of its notable clientele include Central Iowa Energy, Bond Medial Group Inc., and Fiber Science Inc. among others.


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