Securus Technologies Makes Integration Easier

Securus Technologies has battled inmate crime for the past three decades. They started this submission in the late 1980s when they established a headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Since that time, they have placed many regional offices throughout Texas and have established a regional office in Atlanta, Georgia. From these regional offices, they can concoct ways to deal with inmate crime and plan ways to help inmates transition back into society.


Securus Technologies deals with inmate crime by specifically focusing on contraband cell phones. With the introduction of contraband cell phones to the prison system, we have seen crime go up exponentially. This is because inmates use the contraband cell phone to plan attacks against other inmates with relative ease.


Securus Technologies deals with this problem with two products that they offer. Their first product, Cell Defender, is used by officers to locate cell phones within the correctional facility and remotely access them to gain their data. The other product is Wireless Containment Solutions. This product, quite literally, quarantines the cell phones ability to access Wi-Fi. This has stopped inmates from using social media to plan crime.


Securus Technologies also wants to help inmates to change their ways so that they can add to society when they are released. Securus Technologies has created a specific cell phone that allows inmates to stay connected with their families. This is done by two-way video calling during an inmate’s normal visitation hours. Securus Technologies has done this because they know that if an inmate normally sees their family, they will want to integrate into society so that they can stay with them.


Securus Technologies makes his integration into society easier by offering various college certificate courses through their cell phones which inmates can use to secure a job when they are released into society.