Jason Hughes Achievement

Jason Hughes is the Chief Executive Officer, owner, and current Chairman of the Board of Hughes Marino. Jason was born and raised in the San Diego area. Hughes is the name of both his building company and his surname. As a direct consequence of the firm’s growth to become the preeminent exclusive tenant and buyer representation agency in the area, it has opened several offices along the western coast of the United States. Jason Hughes explains that this growth has allowed the company to expand its market share. 


A piece of legislation introduced by Jason Hughes that represented a step-change in the right direction for tenant engagement. He was responsible for bringing about one of the most significant lease discussions in California’s history. This discussion took place as a result of the legislation.


Since the beginning of his career in construction, CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes has amassed tens of millions of square feet of space that he has leased or owned. A significant amount of experience in early dialogues, major corporate purchases, built-to-suit projects, contract and expansion negotiations, participation in loan structuring, and project financing negotiations are all crucial areas of expertise that he possesses.

Also, his negotiations have contributed to making him one of the most powerful business people in the construction industry. His efforts have been recognised and rewarded on many occasions, one of them being CEO of the Year Award. In the past, Jason Hughes has appeared as a special guest on various television programs. In addition to that, he has graduated from all three of Harvard, UCLA, and UCSD’s executive programs, making him a graduate of all three universities.