Joseph Ashford Ellis and the Modern Economy

In order for a business to thrive in the 21st century economy, it often takes someone from the current generation at the helm. The gears that kept businesses afloat are beginning to turn once more. Joseph Ashford Ellis found himself at the bottom of the ladder with a typical day job. However, the experience acquired through daily tasks allowed him to steadily expand his influence. It soon became apparent that to progress forward, Joseph Ashford Ellis would need to expand into his own business. Ideamensch describes the success story behind 4K Global.

The year is 2014, and a globalized economy is beginning to take shape. 4K Global firmly established its base of operations in the middle of London. Joseph Ashford Ellis brought much of his work experience to the table right out of the gate. He had connections that lead to early clients, and the forethought to consider the limits of his own abilities. In the interview, he describes how a structured workday best suits his mode of life. He believes this brings out the best in his own thinking capabilities, which in turn makes it more likely for clients to reach successful outcomes.


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Joseph Ashford Ellis takes advantage of two industry angles to bring his visions to fruition. The first is allowing his team full control over the brainstorming process. As a concept is tossed around and fleshed out, the final product will be something nobody could have envisioned at the start. Additionally, Joseph Ashford Ellis helps to prop up his clients from the bottom. He believes that modeling them as a responsible organization is a key to renewing consumer trust. Buyers want to support companies that share similar values. The economic conditions in London are presently vastly different than previous generations as the world continues to evolve.

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