Qnet: Asia’s E-commerce Firm

QNET is a top-notch e-commerce platform headquartered in Hong Kong. The company has won several awards for its significant contribution to the e-commerce sector in Asia and the entire continent. The firm’s awards were a result of innovation and digital practices. Besides business practices, the firm also deals with practices that would help uplift the lives of the less fortunate in society.

The awards consist of the 2021 TITAN Business Awards issued to this e-commerce firm for demonstrating the highest level of passion, work credibility, and influence. For being the most innovative company, the e-commerce firm was awarded the Platinum award, and as a leading multi-level marketing firm, the company won the Gold award.

The company is also celebrated for supporting community development through entrepreneurship. The firm was optimistic and certain that through community development, sports, education, and entrepreneurship, the lives of the society would transform for the better. The firm built a RHYTHM Foundation purposely to improve and make the lives of mankind better. The firm has also undertaken a number of development projects in the Sub Saharan region, Southeast, and South Asia. The projects were designed purposely to improve community lives.

In 2021, the firm won the Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, which acknowledges it as the world’s best creative business practice. QNET is also one of the best in the App & Mobile Website Awards. Through the firm, distributors have easily earned a living from their work. The mobile application by Qnet is available on Google Play and iOS AppStore. Its rating is approximately 4.7. The firm was also awarded by NYX award in 2021 for being the best in creative concepts and marketing communication. The firm got awarded with one silver and two gold awards.

The company is continuously growing to be Asia’s leading e-commerce firm. It has employed thousands of people worldwide and has headquarters in Hong Kong. Refer to this video on YouTube, to learn more about QNET.


More about QNET on https://www.qnetindia.in/