Ryan Kavanaugh’s World of Sports Broadcasting

New World of sports broadcasting Triller has taken the world by storm by merging the sport of boxing with Music with names as big as Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber to former professional boxers like Mike Tyson and Roy Jones which these two exhibition boxing bout broke PPV (Pay Per View) digital fight records and became one of the top 10 most successful fights in PPV history. Landing at just the 8th spot with only being around for a year and a couple of months, Triller plans to continue to shatter more records with more big names on their fight card.

The mastermind behind this successful award-nominated production company is none other than Ryan Kavanaugh who is also partnered by Grammy-nominated Rapper Snoop Dogg both of them are the founders of the Triller Fight Club. The company features some of the world’s most talented musicians and well-known athletes, some that are well beyond the prime of their respected sports.

Ryan Kavanaugh and Triller Fight club are nominated for “Best Digital First Production” at the OTT awards in London that are scheduled to take place at a ceremony on November 15th. With this nomination, Triller Fight Club is bringing a new face and spotlight to the sport of boxing. Triller Fight Club features fights like Jake Paul the Youtube Star up against the Former MMA Champion Ben Askren that powers the Triller highly viewed PPV.

Ryan Kavanaugh calls Triller Fight Club the world mega-event sports and music extravaganza. It is powered by its four-quadrant entertainment that brings in fans from boxing and music together. Launched in 2020 triller fight club was designed to revamp the sports of boxing by combining it with some of the world’s top music talent and social media sports athletes. Ryan Kavanaugh also thought it was a spectacular idea to involve the sports legends to showcase that they still have what it takes to perform in an exhibition bout.

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