The Exploits of Vijay Eswaran

Born on October 7th 1960, Vijay Eswaran has made a name for himself in the entrepreneurship scene for his numerous exploits. After a tough early life, Vijay furthered his education in several countries, including the UK and the US, and acquired critical life lessons that would shape his career. The Malaysian entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and speaker is the founder of the QI Group of companies. With its headquarters in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, the conglomerate is involved in financial services, education, hospitality, direct selling, retail and real estate. Read more about Vijay Eswaran

In 1998, Vijay Eswaran came up with a direct selling network by combining e-commerce and direct selling to change the scene in the Philippines. Besides training numerous entrepreneurs in upcoming economies, Eswaran founded Quest International University in Malaysia to change the education sector. Through RHYTHM, the social impact initiative of the QI Group, Vijay contributes a percentage of his earnings to sustainable development goals. As such, he advocates for the ban of single-use plastic in the QI group offices and encourages plant-based meals.

With gender equality as a priority for Vijay Eswaran, he regards gender inequality as malpractice that wastes human capital. By involving men in the noble cause and making it a responsibility for all genders, Vijay hopes to bridge the gender gap and increase the gains. Moreover, Vijay believes that gender inequality causes wrongful allocation of resources and is prevents the creation of wealth. For this reason, he empowers women entrepreneurs through his QI group in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

In addition, Vijay Eswaran believes in cultivating the leadership culture by following four pillars that involve taking ownership, empowering others, caring for others and being purpose-driven. He believes it will be easy to breed a different class of leaders who will take entrepreneurship to the next level by following these pillars. View Source: