Tim Murawski, the Medical Devices Sales, and Marketing Leader

Popularly known as Tim Murawski, healthcare expert Timothy Murawski is the Chief Commercial Officer and President at Augmedics medical research firm, located in Illinois, United States. Augmedics Incorporation manufactures medical technology instruments that improve surgery outcomes for spinal surgeries as doctors can see their anatomy and tissue through the patient’s skin.


Tim Murawski was born and grew up in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University in operations management and supervision. He started his career at a research and development chemical company but soon discovered his passion for marketing.


He is a specialist and a leader in biotechnology who started his medical device sales career at Baxter International Incorporation by selling its needleless IV merchandise. Tim Murawski explains that the Incorporation innovated the needleless IV products to protect healthcare workers from HIV and AIDS caused by accidental needle pricks when treating patients. 


Up to now, businessman and healthcare expert Tim Murawski worked at Mazor Robotics for two years, where he held several leadership roles, creating medical devices in Israel and helping grow the company to acquire Medtronic at $1.6 billion. He served in the capacity of the Regional Sales Director for three years before being promoted to the Regional Accountant Director (Everybodywiki). 

Later on, the outstanding healthcare expert Tim Murawski served as the Vice President of US Accounts and the Vice President of Global Renaissance Businesses while at Mazor Robotics before joining Augmedics. He made the Global Renaissance Business firm grow and achieve huge success. With over twenty years in management, Tim Murawski has made a name for himself, commercializing technology in robotic surgery. Outside of work and his sales career, he is a family man who loves spending quality time with his family, playing tennis, and waterskiing.