Tim Murawski´s Career

Healthcare expert Tim Murawski is a Chief Commercial Officer and President of Augmedics, developing medical devices in Chicago. The role of these devices is to bring augmented reality technology to spinal surgeries. Tim Murawski is an operations management and supervision degree holder from Western Illinois University. Tim Murawski has been a biotechnology specialist and business leader for a long time. 


Before joining Augmedics medical research firm in June 2019, he served in various leadership positions for various medical device companies. He had previously worked for Mazor Robotics for ten years. Before becoming a manager in accounts in the region, Tim Murawski started as regional sales director at Mazor. He then became an accounts vice president for the U.S in January 2016. 


After three years of service in the position, he started serving as a vice president for the global renaissance business in August 2017. Tim Murawski then realized his interest in sales. His medical devices sales career began at Baxter International Inc. He joined General Surgical Innovations in 1996, his first start-up company in California, Cupertino. Murawski worked there as a sales manager, which crowned him the sales manager for the West region in January 1998. 

He has had a significant impact in the field of surgical robotics. Tim took part in the growth of the robotic surgery market at Intuitive Surgical after joining in August 2002. He started as an account manager, took the sales manager position, and then became a sales director. Tim Murawski joined Hansen Medical in California in 2008 as a sales vice president and national accounts director. His work has played a significant role in improving robotic surgery results in different medical treatments.