Andrew Frame

Andrew Frame is the founder and CEO of CITIZEN APP, founded in 2017. CITIZEN has been operating; it has received feedback about its location information, advertising and marketing research, and analysis from five-year-old children. Here is their perspective on the difference between a brand’s advertising and marketing and its PR and marketing strategy. Marketing and Marketing Research The first poll […]

Rachel Nichols

Being the first female sports broadcaster isn’t always easy, but for Rachel Nichols, it was incredibly challenging. For one thing, she had to learn to yell from the top of her lungs. However, this attention-grabbing factor alone wasn’t enough to keep her from becoming an instant success as a new voice on television and radio in the 1980s. Even though […]

How Mirabaud Is Taking Art to The World

Founded in 1819 in Geneva, Switzerland, Mirabaud is the city’s third-largest private bank and is committed to contemporary art alongside its vast collection. Operating in accordance with the Group’s values, Mirabaud is a pioneer in responsible and sustainable finance. This approach assists not only artists but also institutions and events that celebrate art. These values are the reason for the […]

IM Academy: The Best Way to Get Digital Forex Education Online

Are you looking for a comprehensive digital forex education? Look no further than IM Academy! Their online program provides all the tools and training you need to become a successful forex trader. With their step-by-step lessons and interactive quizzes, you’ll learn everything from the basics of currency trading to advanced strategies. Why IM Academy? They have been in the business […]


QNET is a global online marketplace to buy and sell goods and services. QNET business was with the launch of their first product, Q-Link, an energy bracelet designed by scientists to promote better health. Today, they offer various products and SEO tools, coaching services, and more. It can be hard to find the right place to buy health products, especially […]