Andrew Frame

Andrew Frame is the founder and CEO of CITIZEN APP, founded in 2017. CITIZEN has been operating; it has received feedback about its location information, advertising and marketing research, and analysis from five-year-old children. Here is their perspective on the difference between a brand’s advertising and marketing and its PR and marketing strategy.

Marketing and Marketing Research

The first poll Andrew Frame took was in 2014. The polling company surveyed the children of television show-centered households and found that 59% of them would recommend the show to a friend. That was a significant number, considering that the show has been on the air for five years, and most of the children surveyed would recommend it to a friend. The poll also found that 59% of the kids said they would watch the show because of its knowledge about the topics it addressed.

The Role of Brand Management

The second poll was taken in December of 2016. The pollsters asked the same question and product categories they had been discussing to find new topics. However, they focused their questions on the kids’ favorite subjects this time. This time, the issues they addressed included fashion trends, popular culture, fitness, and food. The third poll was in February of 2017. The pollsters again discussed the topic of fashion with the idea of finding new and exciting topics. However, they focused their questions on the kids’ favorite subjects this time. The issues they concentrated their questions on this time included current events, popular culture, technology, and science.

The Use of Data in Brand Management

The fourth poll was taken in June of 2017. This time, the polling company focused their questions on the topics the kids had been discussing. However, this time, the issues they focused their questions on were science, technology, and medicine. This type of research makes a brand’s brand management strategy possible.


On the surface, Andrew Frame seems like an odd employer. But behind the facade, he is intelligent, professional, and committed to creating brand awareness and building brand equity. And as is often the case, the game’s name is getting the word out.

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