Damien Granderson: An Inclusive Founding Partner

Damien Granderson, a founding partner of the elite bespoke entertainment firm GDR, is well-known in the music business for his innovative and well-thought-out advice to clients on how to succeed as entrepreneurs in the long run. He has represented J Balvin, a renowned reggaeton artist, in several ground-breaking partnerships over the past year, including an unusual joint-venture recording arrangement with UMG.


Collaboration with Famous Artists


Damien Granderson has signed various prestigious contracts for performances in conjunction with the Pepsi Halftime Show, the well-known online game Fortnite, a McDonald’s sponsorship deal, and the documentary “The Boy From Medellin” by J Balvin. Damien Granderson states that A$AP Rocky’s endorsement deal with Gucci for their “Life of a Rock Star” campaign, which debuted in the autumn of 2020, was also handled by Granderson. 


The successful lawyer has also signed fantastic deals for Nicki Minaj, H.E.R, Young Thug, Ne-Yo and J. Cole. The firm’s founding partners, Damien Granderson and Guy Blake, had a vision of collaboration. The collaboration style is whereby the client will not be represented by one advocate but by a team of advocates.


Damien Granderson adds that this team of advocates will provide legal knowledge in each area to help a client thrive. The collaboration enhanced the firm’s diverse work culture, where there were talented advocates who had different legal expertise and backgrounds. The attorneys help clients with all entertainment matters, such as; music, fashion and branding.


Maximizing New Opportunities

Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson looks at the long-term goals to help potential clients to join the firm. He maximizes an opportunity when a client’s record has hit the market. He advocates for attorneys to respect clients, and he puts lawyers that are experienced in supporting a client to add value to them. By utilizing everyone’s talents to their fullest potential, the business and the services they offer clients could be improved as a whole.