Desire Perez’s Achievements that have earned her a Better Position in Entertainment

Organizers hold different events every year to honor the achievements of successful people in the music industry. One of them is the Billboard Women in Music, which brings together some of the biggest stars, including musicians and experts working together in music production. The event organized two years ago was one of the best because it brought together some of the most famous artists. Besides, the event was special to different people, including Desiree Perez, who works for Roc Nation.

In the event, Perez emerged the best in a category where she was competing against several executives. After the announcement, her organization released a statement indicating that they had appointed Desiree to the CEO’s position. She took over from a manager who had held the position for some time. In addition, the former CEO assumed the vice-chairmanship position of the organization’s board of directors.

Before the appointment, Perez had worked for the organization for some time. She had also held a different position for ten years. The new position came with more responsibilities for Perez. She will now be involved in more day-to-day activities that will enable the organization to operate better.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is very famous globally. However, it took some time for her to realize the success she enjoys today. Desiree ventured into the music industry when she took up an assistant manager’s job in a nightclub. That opened up new opportunities in her life, including meeting with Jay-Z, the organization’s founder. Jay-z and Perez developed a good working relationship, which enabled her to get a job when Jay-Z launched Roc Nation.

Perez has been very valuable to the organization. She has helped it to get lucrative deals with some of the most successful entertainers. However, apart from working for the organization, Desiree Perez advocates for reforms to improve the lives of different groups. However, she primarily emphasizes the rights of women, which has earned her admiration worldwide.