How Mirabaud Is Taking Art to The World

Founded in 1819 in Geneva, Switzerland, Mirabaud is the city’s third-largest private bank and is committed to contemporary art alongside its vast collection. Operating in accordance with the Group’s values, Mirabaud is a pioneer in responsible and sustainable finance. This approach assists not only artists but also institutions and events that celebrate art. These values are the reason for the organization’s continued support of the MAMCO, the Zurich Art Weekend, FIAC Hors Les Murs, and Quartier and Nuit des Bains.

The organization’s commitment reflects the importance of art creation in society, making it possible to move past our comfort zones and encouraging us to have a new outlook on life. By supporting contemporary art, the organization encourages idea generation while also issuing assistance to the individuals responsible for coming up with the idea. For over two centuries, these values have guided the company in understanding where an individual stands in the world and alongside the creators.

The organization aims to make its collection accessible to the world, and for that reason, there is an online catalog of the collection. Also, in the spirit of sharing the collection with the world, Mirabaud lends its pieces to any institution that requests them. The organization also plans to expand contemporary arts into urban landscapes by collaborating with town planners and architectures.

Some of the organization’s most notable donations for public display include the sculpture by Swiss artist Not Vital to Geneva. The organization’s facade is illuminated by the work of Emilie Ding, which pays tribute to the creator of the Deep Listening concept. Through such donations, the organization proves its continued interest in integrating art into the city.

The company’s primary aim is to support the works of young artists worldwide by acquiring their works and encouraging all forms of relativity and innovation. The organization’s collection is so diverse that it includes works by emerging and confirmed artists. This collection unites the company’s clients and colleagues by extending through all Mirabaud Group’s departments. See related link to learn more.


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