Success Tips Behind the Growth of Hawkers Co by Alejandro Betancourt

Hawkers Co is a fashion eyewear industry that manufactures and retails sunglasses. The company has continued to be enjoyed globally as one of the best eyewear industries in providing trendy, fancy, and affordable glasses. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has dramatically influenced the company’s success. He has moved the company from a $300 investment to a multimillion-dollar venture with over a million sales per year.

In the article, Hawkers Co. success story is driven by Alejandro Betancourt Lopez; the author shows some valuable tips that led to the shining of this reputable Company.

Understand your product

Having an explicit knowledge of your product is a crucial factor in the marketing business. In the article, the author shows that one of the components that led to the success of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is that he understood his product. Betancourt shows that clear information about your product convinces investors why they should be interested in those products.

Adopt to technology trends

The onset of technology has revolutionized everything, including business. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez explains how the company was able to grow its revenue to $ 100 million yearly. He shows that one significant area that led to his success was the utilization of technology. He explains that effective marketing is through online marketing through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram among other venues. Many people receive information about the product through online marketing as the world generation is transiting to technology.

Study the market

Alejandro Betancourt shows that for any business to thrive, one should understand the market and provide products that match the current market. In addition, one should also appreciate his competitors’ weaknesses and use those weaknesses as their strongholds. For example, despite selling the same commodities, sunglasses, and Knockaround company, Betancourt evaluated why this company could make huge sales despite their higher pricing than Hawkers. Through a strategic evaluation, He came up with some methodologies of better marketing that led to sales of about a million glasses yearly.

With Betancourt court spearheading the company, the company has reported tremendous growth with branches across many countries, including Asia and Europe. It has been ranked as the third fashion eyewear industry in the world.