The Cloud Inventory Products That Use Cloud-Based Data Technology To Increase Productivity

Cloud Inventory solutions have improved the production and management of inventory from manufacturing warehousing to the field. Headquartered in Kansas City, Cloud Inventory offers cloud-based solutions that enable accurate real-time visibility into the state authenticity of inventory at all points in the supply chain.

With Cloud Inventory solutions, manufacturers can access visibility and control of their inventory by identifying work order status and requirements for optimal customer experience and response. Cloud Inventory also offers various services and solutions including, Field Inventory Management solutions, a provision of Cloud Inventory that enables users to know the real-time state and location of inventory and tools in the field.

FIM solutions help in tracking inventory out in the wild. Also, it helps manufacturers track the consumption of various products and tools in the field including, industrial tools, construction materials, project materials, medical devices and supplies. With more than 3000 customers using Field Inventory Management services across the globe, accurately managing inventory has become more accessible, faster and less technical.

There are various benefits achieved in the application of field inventory services including, managing inventory, project materials and high-value assets in the field, controlling inventory outside and within the four walls of the Warehouse, etc. Through Cloud Inventory, manufacturers can access Manufacturing Materials solutions that vastly helps in providing end-to-end visibility in shop floor execution.

In addition, Cloud Inventory’s Manufacturing Materials solutions help manufacturers track raw materials and material consumption via mobile-first applications. Also, it enhances and increases production manufacturing material visibility, thus increasing productivity and product development. Manufacturers can track their Warehouse Inventory through inventory control and accuracy with cloud-based mobile-first inventory solutions.

Warehouse Inventory generally improves productivity captures inventory data within the four walls of the Warehouse while also reducing extra labor expenses. Cloud-based technology has made it easy for manufacturers to track their Warehouse Inventory at all points in operations accurately.Refer to this page to learn more.


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