Trevor Edwards On Cultivating His Passion Through Hard work.

Trevor Edwards On Cultivating His Passion Through Hard work.

Trevor Edwards was born in 1962 in London in a family of four siblings. He pretty enjoyed his life in the South London Suburb of Norbury. He was committed to family duties and appreciated the close guidance of his parents. His father was an accountant, while his mother was a nurse. Trevor Edward’s childhood is fond of good old memories, including the raking of leaves.

As a teenager, they moved to start a new life in Jamaica, especially at the heart of Kingston and St. Andrews. He learned to appreciate the unique cultures and was fascinated with the new people he met. he found love in various sporty games, including cricket. He had the opportunity to learn different foreign languages n including French, Latin, and German. After high school, he studied Business at Baruch College. Later, he added an M.B.A in international Marketing and finance to his academic credentials.

Trevor Edwards would find passion in marketing from the Colgate-Palmolive company where he was working. He would later branch to A top athletic brand where since then, he has worked. The company is known for specializing in athletic footwear. Most importantly, it is known to incorporate various celebrities. He has worked in the company in different job categories and is currently the corporate president of the company.

As a leader he has learned to appreciate his work, as well as concentrate on the customers. His career has also been filled with recognition due to his commitments, especially in sports. Trevor Edwards is an exceptional leader who believes that individuals should follow their dreams and improve through what they love.

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